Re: Hannah ISRAEL #general

Hilary Henkin <propper@...>

In the NY marriage certificates I've seen, the handwriting seems to indicate
that the forms were filled out by the person who performed the marriage. (I've
seen the names of the bride and groom mispelled <g> - My favorite misspelling
is one "Hery" for Harry, and "Manhaten". Say it out loud, and you've got the
NY Jewish accent in a nutshell.)

So maybe your rabbi forgot to ask, or just plain forgot?

Hilary Henkin
Atlanta, Georgia USA

Mrs M Sprott wrote:

(snip) Granma also listed her mother's name as "unknown" on her marriage
certificate, but listed her father as Morris ISRAEl and put (Moshe) in
brackets. (snip) Could Hanna ISRAEL's mother have died and she was bought up
by another member of her family, so she did not know who here real mother's
name was?

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