Re: Shana Tova #poland

Rafi Guber

Dear Ron and all Genners:

First of all Shana Tova Tikataivu (May you all be inscribed for a good year.)
I look forward MZ"H (with G-d's help) of conversing with many of you
throughout the coming year. I truly think of all of you as extended family
(has anyone done a calculation for the potential for Bar and Bat Mitzvah
presents)! Families squabble sometimes but many of use remember that the loud
conversations which flowed out of our Jewish homes in our youth were mostly
signs of love delivered in a uniquely Jewish format!

This is also a time of the year to reconsider relationships and personal
humility. Not only is humility an excellent tool for genealogical inquiry
(arrogance blinds us to possibilities) it is also the Jewish way to live a
life. Something I believe most of our ancestors would appreciate.

If I offended any of you in anyway during our conversations this is year, I
ask for understanding and forgiveness. May the year be sweet and may we all
grow in knowledge and spirit.

A Gut G'benched Yor

Rafael Guber

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