LDS films of Vienna Jewish records #austria-czech

Bob Lenk

Several months ago Henry Wellisch wrote that he had noticed several
additions on the Family History (Mormons) website on Vienna Jewish
records. I have had a chance to look at some of the new records. Here
are some interesting things I found.

1) The item listed as:

"Matrikel der Juedischen Gemeinde 1826 - 1938 (Register of the Jewish
Community) now includes 380 films:

- 111 films, published in 1980. These are the copies of
birth/marriage/death registers >from the city archives, which have
been available for years.

- about 87 films, published in 2004. These are the original
birth/marriage/death registers >from the IKG. Actually, there seem
to be some missing - more details in a separate posting.

- 14 films of "Proklamationen" >from 1889 to 1937. I haven't looked
at these.

- 9 films of "Versöhnungsbuch", "Scheidungsbuch", and
"Übergetretene". I haven't looked at these.

- 139 films of "Geburtsanzeigen" (birth announcements) >from 1893 to
1919. I haven't looked at these. These must be considerably less
dense than the birth registers, which contain the same years in
about 14 films).

2) Also, I have looked at one film each >from items:

"Kartei zu den Matriken der Israelitischen Kultusgemeinde,
1810- 1938, Gauamt fuer Sippenforschung" (Card index of registers
of the Jewish community, District office for Race research)


"Matrikel 1830 - 1938" (Jewish Community records) 5 films, A-B

These appear to be the same set of records (I don't understand why
the 5 films are listed separately - and I don't know if they are
duplicates or different cards). They are index cards which generally
list a birth, marriage, or death recorded in the registers. These
cards include the index number >from the register, plus much of the
relevant information >from the actual record. As a bonus, some of the
marriage records list all the children >from the marriage on the back.
Most of the records I found are >from the 19th century; a few are from
the Nazi era. Not much in between. The records are far from
complete. This can be a useful way of finding family members by name
rather than date.

These cards are clearly not designed specifically for the IKG. The
include a space for "getauft" (baptism date), in addition to birth,
marriage, death, and burial. In one case I found a Nazi-era record
for one of my relatives (>from an inter-marriage) with this space
filled out, plus various other notations apparently intended to show
him as a gentile.

3) Finally, regarding the item

"Matrikel 1870 - 1914"

I looked at this film years ago. It is a small set of circumcision
records that was not useful to me. There are also a bunch of
Protestant records on item 2 of the same film.

Bob Lenk
Greeley, Colorado, USA

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