Re: ERLICH arrival in U.S. circa 1941 #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Following my earlier posting in reply to Claude
Steckelmacher's query, I have received the following
information: the on-line historical New York Times for
1940 - 1943 has a regular shipping news column.

The Serpa Pinto arrived New York >from Lisbon on: Dec
28, 1940; March 30, 1941; June 23, 1941; Dec. 26, 1941
and June 25, 1942 - all with 600 to 900 passengers.
The ship also arrived in Baltimore on Oct. 11, 1942
with 300 passengers and in Philadelphia on Jun 24,
1943 with 188 passengers.

There is no mention of any other ship arriving in New
York in this period with the name "Pinto" other than
the Serpa Pinto.

A shipping expert suggests getting the
soundex-microfilm for passenger lists 1902-1943 from
FHL, find the date and the ship [Soundex for ERLICH is
probably E642]. Once one find ERLICH's ship and date
one must get the FHL film for the proper ship's

This Jewishgen list has the FHL film numbers for all
New York arrival microfilms:

Part way down is: Index, 1902 - 1943

Index to Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New
York, NY July 16, 1902 - December 31, 1943
National Archives Microfilm Publication T621.
Soundex card index. 755 microfilms.

Then, there is this list for the passenger manifests

Hopefully we will find the ERLICH although there is a
big discrepancy between Claude's information of 7
couples and the data above which suggests 600
passengers - perhaps it was a bit of Viennese humour,
when the ERLICH wrote to their relatives about their
*luxurious* transatlantic sea trip.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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