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I looked at this map, and found, within the borders of Galicia, 2
towns, not very far >from each other, both called Radomysl, one near
Zawichost and one near Dumbrowna. This still leaves the question that my
husband posted open.

How in the world do we decide which Radomysl in Galicia is the one that
folk lived in?

Thank you for your help, but I, at least, am still stumped.

G'mar Chatima Tova.

p.s. Najman is Spanish spelling for what English spelling would be
Nachman...or nun chet mem nun, to be totally exact.

Sue Kahana
Ein Kerem
I answered this question to Sue privately, but since this question appeared
in the group, I felt to share my observations.
Radomysl near Zawichost, and near old Ruusian border is actualy called
Radomysl nad Sanem (on the River San). this is tiny village, located on the
East side of the river, far away >from all other shtetls, there is nothing
behind the shtetl, but swamps.

The other Radomysl is actually called Radomysl Wielki (the Great Radomysl),
surrounded by other shtetls, known >from it's market place.

Where do you think Jews prefered to reside. In kleinike shtetlach over the
river in marhes or in the Great One?
If you still in doubt, there is another solution. Small Radomysl is located
in Tarnobrzeg province, and the Great One is in Tarnow Province. By writing
to provincial archives of those provinces, one can receive (or not to
receive) birth certificate and the correct answer.

But why is this really so important, in which Radomysl in Galicia person
was born? They are just few miles apart anyway.

Alexander Sharon

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