Re: Passenger Lists for New York City #general

Adelle Gloger

Dan Kazez writes:

I am confused. At libraries, I find that the New York
passenger list index (soundex) is available for:


But via the National Archives (their paper forms to request
lookups) I find that the dates are:


Are both of these years correct?
When in NYC in August for the conference I went to the National Archives
and looked at the index for passenger arrivals in New York for my
grandfather, Morris STRAKOFFSKY (or any other spelling) who arrived in
1900. After scanning the index until I thought I would go blind, I
remarked that the index appeared to be alphabetized and not soundex. I
was informed at that point that the index for 1897 to 1902 was *not*
soundexed but alphabetized.

So, to Dan and others looking at this particular index keep in mind that
it is not soundexed.

Adelle Weintraub Gloger
Shaker Hts., Ohio

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