translation help - Vienna Evangelischer Cemetery #austria-czech

Bob Lenk

I emailed the "Evangelischer Friedhof in Wien-Simmering"
(protestant cemetery in Vienna) to inquire about some relatives (who
intermarried) who are buried there. I have a couple of questions about
the reply I received:

Betrifft Grabstelle 4 - 279 Schubert

folgende Personen wurden in der Grabstelle Beigesetzt:

1., Beerdigt am: 09.05.1914 Marie Schubert
2., Beerdigt am: 03.09.1965 Helene Schubert
3., Beerdigt am: 09.10.1969 Ernst Schubert
4., Beerdigt am: 07.01.1971 Charlotte Schubert

Die Grabstelle 4 - 279 wurde am 12.07.2005 von Frau
Hilde Woinik aufgelassen.

Question 1:
I assume these are four persons buried in the same plot (4 - 279), as
opposed to the only four persons named SCHUBERT in the entire cemetery.
Is that correct?

Question 2:
Do I understand correctly that this single plot was re-used in 2005 (and
Fr. Woinik is buried there)?

By the way, the Evangelischer cemeteries can be found at the website:

They responded to my email inquiry (written in English) within one day!

Bob Lenk
Greeley, Colorado, USA

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