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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Bob Lenk of Greeley, Colorado, wrote: I emailed the
"Evangelischer Friedhof in Wien-Simmering"
(Protestant cemetery in Vienna) to inquire about some
relatives (who intermarried) who are buried there. I
have a couple of questions about the reply I received:

Betrifft Grabstelle 4 - 279 Schubert folgende Personen
wurden in der Grabstelle Beigesetzt:

1. Beerdigt am: 09.05.1914 Marie Schubert
2. Beerdigt am: 03.09.1965 Helene Schubert
3. Beerdigt am: 09.10.1969 Ernst Schubert
4. Beerdigt am: 07.01.1971 Charlotte Schubert

Die Grabstelle 4 - 279 wurde am 12.07.2005 von
Frau Hilde Woinik aufgelassen.

Question 1: I assume these are four persons buried in
the same plot (4 - 279), as opposed to the only four
persons named SCHUBERT in the entire cemetery.
Is that correct?

Answer: We do not know >from the answer how many other
SCHUBERT are buried in the cemetery but these four are
definitely in the same grave.

Question 2: Do I understand correctly that this single
plot was re-used in 2005 (and Fr. Woinik is buried

Answer: No that is incorrect. Fr. Woinik used to look
after the grave [a payment must have been involved]
but now has relinquished it. I presume, unless action
is taken, the grave will be reused.

Unlike in the Jewish cemeteries, these graves have a
finite lifetime. When you walk around the Christian
section of the ZF or other cemeteries in Vienna, you
often see little notice stuck into graves telling you
that the use of the grave has expired. One can of
course renew the timespan on payment of the requisite
amount. If this is not done in time, the headstone is
removed and usually lost for ever.

If you look at the Municipal non-Jewish cemetery
database for Vienna [includes the crematorium at
Simmering and another Christian Simmering cemetery,
you can see the expiry dates clearly stated:
Here is a KOHN grave chosen at random:
Familienname: Kohn - Vorname: Leopoldine
Bestattungsdatum: 12.04.1960
Friedhof: Simmering
Teil: N Gruppe: 1 Reihe: 12 Nummer: 2
Grabnutzungsrecht bis: 05.03.2007
Friedhofsadresse: Unter der Kirche 5, 1110 Wien
E-Mail address given at the Magistrat Wien
Telefon: 767 31 70

and for my grandfather at the Simmering crematorium -
a permanent grave bought at death:

Familienname: Kerner
Vorname: Richard
Friedhof: Feuerhalle Simmering
Abteilung: 8; Ring: 3; Gruppe: 3; Nummer: 132
Grabnutzungsrecht: auf Friedhofsdauer

Friedhofsadresse: Simmeringer Hauptstr. 337, 1110 Wien
E-Mail is given at the Magistrat Wien
Telefon: 760 41 - 97892

Celia Male [U.K.]

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