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Sally Bruckheimer wrote:

Ellis Island started in the early 1890's, but there was a fire in 1897.
All it's records and Castle Garden records there were lost. So the
records and indexes which are available start in 1897.
This is false. These immigration records were *not* destroyed.
This is a myth.

Ellis Island opened January 1, 1892. Yes, the complex was destroyed
by a fire on June 14, 1897 -- and some administrative records were
lost. The earlier passenger arrival manifests are intact.

New York City's Customs Passenger Lists are largely complete from
1820 to 1897. The National Archives has microfilmed these records,
and they are available on 675 rolls of microfilm: National Archives
Microfilm Publication M237. For a reel-by-reel list with dates, see
These microfilms are available at the National Archives in Washington
and several of its branches, as well as at several public libraries.
These microfilms are also available for borrowing at any of 3,400
LDS Family History Centers. For microfilm ordering numbers, see

The original pre-1897 passenger manifests -- eleven tons of them --
are now at the Temple-Balch Center for Immigration Research in

For more information on passenger list research, see the
JewishGen FAQ ("Frequently Asked Questions") document at


Warren Blatt
Boston, MA

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