Rabbi Berliner- fact or fiction? #general

Allan C. Page <apage@...>

I am doing geneology of my family and I get stuck with a family story.
The story goes that my great grandfather was a Rabbi in Illinois and
that he left his family, ran off and met my great grandmother 15 years
his younger, changed his name to Page (LePage County/)

My grandfather Henry B. Page, born in NY states that his father was
Ephraim Berliner, hence the name change.

Any ideas where I can look in Illinois?? I am hopeful that you will
have all the answers. Thanks in advance.


Allan Page

MODERTATOR'S NOTE: You should check Cyndi's List <www.cyndislist.com> for an index of Illinois Geenalogical resources. also, I've had good luck by writing to the Reference Librarians in the County Seats of several small midwestern counties.

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