Austrian Death Reports #austria-czech

Ed Zwieback <ezwieback@...>

I have had great success finding family info >from Todfallsaufnahme (Death
Report) documents >from Vienna MA-8. These are generally 4 pages with about
18 different items. Those documents that I have cover the years 1904 to
I have also received Totenbeschau (Death Certificate?) documents about other
deaths; 1931-32. These are just 1-page forms with some basic info.
Were these 2 documents prepared for every death in the 1900s?

I have received other documents such as Befundbeilage (Registration?) on

Considering the various forms, I wonder what documents might be in a
complete Death file in Vienna (MA-8) for the period 1900-1942 ?

BTW, MA-8 has been very generous and responsive to my requests over the past
few years.

Ed Zwieback
Long Beach, CA
with personal family at

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