Name Changes #austria-czech


I have just discovered that both my g-gfather Rudolf HNILICEK, and
his son, Charles David WARNER, went through re-marriages to the
same person. Rudolf HNILICEK had probably been married to
Amalia VON GERLACH in either Prague or Vienna,when they went
through a ceremony in the UK in 1889. The real curiousity is why
his son, who had been using the adopted name Charles David WARNER
all his life (and didn't even know he was born in Prague) would
remarry in 1913 someone he had originally married in 1902...
both marriages in the UK. The name change in clear on the
marriage records.In various censuses, HNILICEK never seems to give
the same birthplace twice, but is described consistently as
Austrian. Can anyone shed a light on this curiousity.

Ann Jensen

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