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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Joe Hirshfeld of Portage, MI writes that he is seeking
information on brother and sister George b.1937 and
Barbara BERNATH b. 1938 (Barbara may have had a
married name in 1968). George and Barbara arrived in
the US in 1968 with their mother Rosa (maybe Rose)
from Austria and settled in California. Rosa had been
married to Andreas BERNATH, but they were divorced.

I have been tracking this family for Joe in Vienna in
a Sherlock Holmes-type process which has developed day
by day, and now have the news he is looking for.

Andreas BERNATH was born 9. Oct. 1891 in Erlau,
Hungary and died in Vienna on 6 March 1959. He had
married Rosa BERNATH nee BAUER (born 16 April 1898 in
Vienna) in Budapest at the Staatliches Matrikenfuhrung
Bezirk IV and divorced in Vienna on 6. Dec. 1949.

Their children, Georg (dob 19 July 1937) and Barbara
(dob 14.Dec 1938) were born in Hungary. Barbara also
known as Betty, a mannequin, married Joseph LICATE,
Sergeant in the US Army in Standesamt Wien-Alsergrund
(Nr 481-1955) on 24 Aug. 1955 and on 19.4.1960 they
lived at [address redacted by moderator per JewishGen
guidelines] in Hollywood 27 California.

I have sent Joe the exact address. Hopefully, we will
find living family members as tragically many of the
HERSCHFELD-BAUER family of Galicia and Vienna were
murdered in the holocaust.

Celia Male (U.K, but presently in Vienna)

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