Israel - Help needed #general

Corinne Silver <silverlining@...>

I am planning a trip to Israel in February and want to visit Yad Vashem to
see if I can find any records of my family who died in the Lodz Ghetto.
Has any Genners got experience of doing this? Are records held there?
Do I have to contact them in advance? I only have a week in Israel
(& as I am taking my son I don't want him to be bored ridged by
"mothers obsession with long lost relatives" as tolerant as he is
I have promised him a holiday too!) So is there other places
I should look?

Do you know if I would find lists of survivors with the name SAFIER
anywhere in Israel?

All suggestions welcome,
Thank you for your help in advance

Corinne Silver
Manchester U.K.

MODERATOR NOTE: The JewishGen web site,, has an Info
File on Yad Vashem.

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