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Alex Korn <apkorn@...>

Corinne Silver wrote:

I am planning a trip to Israel in February and want to visit Yad Vashem to
see if I can find any records of my family who died in the Lodz Ghetto.
Do you know if I would find lists of survivors with the name SAFIER
anywhere in Israel?
Hello Corinne,
You don't have to go to Yad VaShem in Israel to check for
possible family who were in the Lodz ghetto. There is a 6- (or
is it 5?) volume book listing all residents of the ghetto, in
alphabetical order giving their addresses in the ghetto as well
as where they came >from and, in some case, when they were
transported. The book was published in limited editions, but you
should be able to see it in any Holocaust library in your Jewish
community or in a university library. In Israel there is an
address in Tel Aviv on Dizengoff Street for the Association of
Lodzers in Israel, but I don't have it.
Alex Korn
Toronto, Canada

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