Re: Israel - Help needed #general

Mike <malfes@...>

I think they cannot have records
of your relatives unless you enter
this information.

I visited Yad-Vashem in 1991
and completed special forms
for my SEVEN relatives which were killed
in 1941 in Vilnius Ghetto.
After 2 or 3 weeks the Yad-Vashem
sent me acknowledgement that these
records added to their database.

You can take there these forms,
complete it later and send them
by mail.

You can find their web-site and contact them
in advance.

Michael Alfes
Miami FL USA

"Corinne Silver" <> wrote:
I am planning a trip to Israel in February and want to visit Yad
Vashem to
see if I can find any records of my family who died in the Lodz

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