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Kelly Modlin

I notice that every now and again people are seekink information regarding
Jewish Soldiers who served in the Red Army And various other Armies
affiliated to it

During the years of searching for my wife Pnina's identity I accumulated
the names and addresses of Archives and Organizations dealing with the
subject. As a result of our writting to the Russian Red Cross, seeking
information about Pnina's Father they found her brother who still lives in
Russia. He and his wife have since visited with us, at our home, here in

Below is a list of addresses in my possession:

Archives Dealing with Military Personel Russian Federation

Russian Federation 103160
Znamenka Str. 19
The General Command of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
The Director

Russian Federation 125212
Ul. Wyborgskaja 3
Centre Chranienija Istoriko
Dokumientalnych Kolliekcii Rossijskoj Fiedieracji
The Director

The following address is for records of the Imperial Army until

Russian Federation 107864
2nd Baumansky, 3
State Archive Service of Russia
Russian State Military - Historical Archive
Director of Archive

The Archive below is for records >from 1917 - 1941

Russian Fedration 125212
City of Moscow
Adm. Makarov St. 29
Russian State Military Archive
Director of Archive

The Archive below is for records >from the year 1941 to the

Russian Federation 142100
Moscow Oblast
City of Podolsk
Bldg. 74, Kirov St
Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense
Director of the Archive

The Union of Jewish Invalids and War Veterans who Fought Against

Russian Federation 109-088
26 Simanowski Bail
Korpus 1/13
M . Marianowski
Tel: 095 - 928 - 6020

Tagansjaj pl 12
M Maryanovsky
Chairman of the JIWVU Presidium

Russian Federation 123308
4/6-A-Kuusinen St. Apt. 72
"Memorial Book" Editorial Centre
Dr. Ilija S Sobol. MD

Russian Federation 113184
1-y Kadashevskii Pereulok 14
Executive Committee of the Russian Red Cross & Red Crescent
State Tretiakov Gallery Manuscript Division
(Records 1942 - 1947)
(Collection R - 9501)


The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum
20 Prince Gate
London SW7 1PT

Czech Republic

Dr. Julius Balaz
Historicky Ustav Armady Ceske Republiky
U Pamatniku 2
130-05 Praha 3
Czech Republic


Centralne Achiwum Wojskowe
00-910 Warszawa


Book - Four Volumes
Jewish Soldiers and Officers of the Polish Army
Author: Benjamin Meirtchak
World Federation of Jewish Fighters Partisans and Camp Inmates
Association of Jewish War Veterans of the Polish Armies in Israel
Tel Aviv. 158 Dizengoff St.
Phone: 03 - 5225078

Organization of Jewish Invalids Wounded Veterans who Fought in
the Red Army against Nazism
Mr. Avraham Cohen
8 H’arbeah St.
Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-03-561-4411
Fax: 972-03-561-3187

Kelly Modlin

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Kelly Modlin

I my message and information will be of help to somebody out


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