Aaron MORRIS #general

roy & robin wilson

On March 21, 1912 Aaron Morris was murdered in Georgia by a A afican
american Ben Green, There was a Morris fund started by The constitution,
Newspaper. Aaron Morris was a BArber, who moved to Alanta Georgia, from
Memphis Tennessee. He and his wife Esther came >from Minsk , Russia or
Poland. The article went on to say, that Aaron Morris was sitting on his
front porch, when his Neighbor Mrs. cohen, screamed who was being attacked.
Aaron Morris and fought off the attacker in front of the Boys High School,
But was stabbed to death. he left a wife and three little girls.

There were many people who contribute to this Morris Fund, in 1912, and
Many business. Aaron Morris was a Jewish IMmigrant, who just moved from
Russia 9 years before loseing his life. I am trying to located Family of
Aaron, and Esther Wysbronsky, who I believe were married in Russia. and
Their Parents. This is my husbands great great grandparents. My husband
Mother is the grand daughter of the couple. I am only a Daughter in law,
but I begin my search for my husband family, for her. she is in poor
health, and I want to present all my research for her for Christmas. I
would appreciate any help you may have. I need dates,parents and
relitives. I do know that three of the girls were born at the time. Ida,
Sarah, Bessie, There was also Leona, Lillie and Irene. All have passed
away. IAny help would be greatly appreciated. Does anyone have an
address to the Russian Archives, or somewhere I can write, too, to continue
the search of their ancestories there....Thank You...Robin Wilson,

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