Jewish Family Research Association Meetings #general

Dov Biran <BIRANDB@...>

Dear Fellow Researcher,
The JFRA will be holding its next meetings, at
Beit HaTanach,
16, Shederot Rothschild
Tel Aviv.
Get-together as >from 18:00. Lecture at 18:30.

Sunday, 7 November 1999
Boris SENIOR, on "The Origin of the SENIOR Family, and pre-WW II
map of Neustadt, Kudirka, Lituania"

Sunday, 12 December 1999
Shimeon FORST on "The Jews of Historical Rural Germany"

Sunday, 9 January 2000
Yossef BEN-BRITH on "The Legend of the House of Henriques -- from
Spain, via Portugal, to Hamburg, Germany --
1492 - 1938"

Sunday, 13 February 2000
Chayim FREEDMAN on "Traditions versus Documents"

Don't miss another opportunity to enrich your knowledge and
benefit >from the experience of veteran Jewish Family

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