Auschwitz Victims' Suitcases #austria-czech

Sally Goodman <sbgoody@...>

My previous posts re vicitms' suitcases at Auschwitz has precipitated quite
a bit of discussion to the JewishGen Discussion Group, the Austria-Czech SIG
and to me personally.

I received a few lovely emails >from Maud Michal Beer, a 77-year-old
Holocaust survivor, who now lives in Tel Aviv and who gave me permission to
share her thoughts with you since she is not computer savvy and does not
know how to send mail to the Discussion group.

Maud was sent to the Theresienstadt ghetto and as luck was with her never
left despite the fact that about six times she got the order to join a
transport to the east not knowing the name of her destination. She learned
later it was Auschwitz. Her suitcase left but she was fortunate to remain
behind. She supposes her suitcase is probably somewhere among all those

In 1997, Maud returned to the cities which haunted her as she assisted
Israeli educational TV in producing a video film, "What Fire Can't Burn.".
They filmed in Israel, Theresienstadt, Prague, Auschwitz, Berlin and Maud's
town of birth, Prostejov, Czechoslovakia.

On that trip to Auschwitz, she spotted the suitcase of her childhood friend,
Zdenka BERGER >from Prostejov (aka Prossnitz). That sight brought back so
many memories she just burst out crying. Certainly understandable.

Maud suggested we read "Hana's Suitcase" - The Story of Hana & George Brady
by Karen Levine. "Hana's Suitcase" is the story of two Jewish children who
lived in Czechoslovakia, and what happened to them when their country was
occupied by the Nazis.

This book has been mentioned before by other Genners. Celia Male reminded us
recently that Uri Meretz and she wrote about this story and Hans Grab sent
in a follow up message. All the messages can be read by looking in the
Austria-Czech SIG message archives - "Remembering Hana BRADY" and "BRADY
Genealogy" on 22nd June 2005.

And, Uri Meretz informed us that the Auschwitz victims' names I mentioned in
my original post do appear on the Yad Vashem database as well as on other

Maud reminds us that as we get older, we cannot and should not forget what
happened to us and to our people.

Thank you one and all for sharing your thoughts. We shall not forget them.

Sally Goodman
Palm Springs, CA


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