Searching for Lejb ZISER #general

Lili Susser <susserl@...>

Dear Genners
A while back I received a page of testimony >from Yad Vashem listing a Leib
Ziser, who in turn entered the testimony to Yad Vashem. Because the form is
both in Spanish and Hebrew or Yiddish I was unable to get the facts.
It concerns Blima Ziser/Susser >from Nowy Korczyn, Poland -as is the name of
my husbands mother also born there. The person who turned in this page
lives or lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina and claims to be a bro-in law.
If you know of anyone by the name Ziser in Buenos Aires, ( or anywhere
else) in Argentina or can help me find the family of the above person
please contact me personally at
Thank you in advance
Lili Susser

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