Simon Hock's book [Die Familien Prags] #austria-czech

Henry Sinai <hmsinai@...>

Dear Siggers,

Simon Hock's book [Die Familien Prags. [Epitaphein des Alten Juedische
Friedhofs in Prag] is full of abbreviations.

Can anyone explain what the Hebrew abbreviations Resh"Bet; Resh
Chet"Sameach and Yud"Nun mean after a persons name?

Each entry has a number associated with it. What is this number?
If it is a catalogue number, where can the catalog be seen?

The Hebrew entries do not mention family names - how did Hock associate
the gravestones with particular families?

Thank You

Henry Sinai

Researching PERSONAL Name: SINAI (and variations)
Researching FAMILY:SINAI and variations (SZINAI, SINAJ,SYNAJ, ETC)- Austria,
Hungary,Turkey, Rest of World. TRITSCH/TRIETSCH (and variations)
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JELLINEK - Bratislava (Pressburg), Vienna (von) KEMENY - Austria/Hungary

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