I am looking for the SCHWARZSCHILD family contained in the book Juden
in Hochheim by Franz LUSCHBERGER published in 1988.

The SCHWARZSCHILD family lived in Massenheim, part of Hochheim, near
Frankfurt am Main.

Unfortunately, because of gaps in the records, I do not know what the
connection is between Moses SCHWARZSCHILD, the husband of my great
grandfather's sister, Mina STERN, and Gustav, Julius and Ludwig
SCHWARZSCHILD, a generation following them.

Moses, son of Gumbrich and Feilchen KEHRMANN, was born on March 7 1835
and died in 1921. His brothers were Samuel born on February 21 1847,
Manuel born on May 2 1851, Adolf born on September 28 1859 and Abraham
born on July 24 1862.

Their father, Gumbrich was the son of Moses Mendel SCHWARZSCHILD who
apparently received a "letter of safe conduct" for Massenheim in 1791.
I don't know if the letter came >from Frankfurt. Feilchen KEHRMANN,
his wife, died in Massenheim on January 25 1836.

Mina STERN >from Heppenheim an der Bergstrasse married his eldest son
the butcher Moses in 1876. Mina's father, Feist, >from Heppenheim was
also a master butcher.

Gustav, Julius and Ludwig all fought in the First World War. Gustav,
born in 1883, won an Iron Cross. Julius, born in 1888, died during the
war a hero. And Ludwig born 1895 was the only Jewish U-boat commander
in the German army.

Gustav married Julianne LOEWENSTEIN >from Nordenstadt. They had a son
Kurt born in 1914 and a daughter Alma in 1918. They took over as owners
of Moses SCHWARZSCHILD's butcher's shop in 1920.

I only have one other possible clue, although it may prove to be nothing.
In the late 19th century there was a large meat packing firm called
SCHWARZSCHILD and SULZBERGER which had a huge plant in Kansas City,
Missouri. The name was later changed to S&S and then it was taken over
by WILSON & Co.

Apparently the SCHWARSCHILD, Joseph, disappeared off the scene in 1902.

I would be very grateful if anyone has any information on this

Alice Josephs
Loughton, Essex, UK

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