GOLDSTEIN: L'vov; Lemberg #general

IRSWED <irswed@...>

This is a request >from an old friend who does not have access to computer and
lives in a different state then I do.

She is searching for her late mother's brother. Her late parents were both
survivors of concentration camps. My friend said her mother was always trying
to find out about this brother. This is what I know right at this moment.

Sophie GOLDSTEIN had a brother (?). They came >from L'vov. Their father was a
Dr. and their mother owned land in Lemberg. They were wealthy. This brother,
was studying abroad when the war broke out. Spohie could never find out if he
lived or died. If he were alive, he would be approx. 80. My friend and her
sister are the only family remaining of her parents.

Thank-you, Irene Swedroe, Ca.

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