Warsaw vital record indices soon to be available on JRI-Poland #general

Hadassah Lipsius <kesher@...>

Jewish Record Indexing-Poland is pleased to announce the acquisition of
indices to more than 17,000 Jewish birth, marriage and death records for
the City of Warsaw >from 1869 to 1898. The records have been indexed by the
Ronald S. Lauder Foundation Genealogy Project at the Jewish Historical
Institute >from registers in the Polish State Archives Warsaw Region Branch.
This is the first phase of the Warsaw City project, which JRI-Poland
estimates will cover approximately 40,000 records.

JRI-Poland is proud of its expanded relationship with the Lauder Foundation
team headed by Archivist Yale Reisner; the Warsaw project is just the
beginning of a heightened effort to bring material of genealogical value
from the Jewish Historical Institute to Jewish researchers around the

JRI-Poland is now organizing a special project to facilitate the creation
of this first group of Warsaw indices of records not filmed by the Mormons
For full information on the Warsaw Archives project and further details on
the new data >from this joint initiative, please go to:

After the indices have been posted to the searchable database on the
JRI-Poland web site, researchers will be able to order copies of the
original records directly >from the Polish State Archives (using the
convenient order form linked to the search results).

Like many philanthropic foundations with far-reaching goals and widespread
activities, the efforts of the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation are strengthened
by groups like ours partnering in their initiatives. Our joint efforts
will enable us to index many of the Jewish Historical Institute holdings of
genealogical value.

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501(c)(3)of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. The JRI-Poland web site,
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Hadassah Lipsius, Archive Coordinator, Warsaw Archives Branch
Stanley Diamond, Project Coordinator, JRI-Poland

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