Don't overlook this JewishGen Resource #general

Steven Chall <steven.chall@...>

It seems that whenever someone inquires about a family name, the Moderator
tacks on the canned response to check the JGFF(the JewishGen Family Finder).
I would strongly urge everyone to also do a scan of the Discussion Group

Many people seem to begin their research on JewishGen by examining the
various data bases and asking "If anyone knows so-and-so", please contact
me. If you missed an earlier message and that person did not list a
particular name on the JGFF as one they were searching, there would be no
match. However, even one mention in the past six years on this forum
would show up in a search of the Discussion Group Archives. The only
difficulty with this (at present?) is the lack of Soundex matches. You
might get around that by using parts of a name rather than the entirety.
For example, until recently I thought my in-laws ancestors were
CHASKELEVICH which would not have matched with the recently found
CHASKELOWITZ. But I would find a match if I looked for CHASKEL.
Leave no stone unturned.

Steven Chall in Minneapolis, MN =[;-)

ALEXANDER & CHALL (Dvinsk, Russia (now Latvia); before 1900)
ZELMANOV & HALKIN (Bobruisk, Russia; before 1907) (France; about 1930)
BECKER & CHASKELOWITZ (became CHASWORTH) (Kishenev, Bessarabia; before 1920)
Someday BRODSKY, COHEN, KAPLAN, etc (Poland / Russia)
All ended up in various parts of New York City

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