Cbange of Calendar in Russia Post Revolution. #general

Gillian Zebaida

I am told that the Russians did not change to the Gregorian Calendar until
after the Revolution. Can some erudite person tell me if this is the case,
and if so, if I have dates in April 1899 and 1900 and 1913 (in Odessa),
how these would apply to a Jewish date in May 1898 and to dates in the UK
at the same time.

Gillian Zebaida.
(London, England).
Researching: ATKINS/KURLAND (Boston/El Monte, Ca.) BLUMENTHAL / ROBBINS
(San Francisco), DOLER/DOLLAR/Dolliar / DUB / ZASLAVER (Mogilev Podolskiy),
(Grosskrotzenberg) REUS (Reis/Reiss), SHOVERS (Racine, Wi) WERTHEIMER
(Berlin, Mannheim), ZEBAIDA (Iraq/Israel/USA)

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