Toleranz Patent on view in Vienna #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Anyone visiting Vienna between now and 17th September 2006 has a chance
to see a copy of the Toleranz Patent of Josef II - a key piece of
legislation which changed the life of Jews in the Habsburg Empire.

The Patent is displayed as part of fascinating exhibition celebrating
the life of Lorenzo da Ponte, ne 1749 as Emanuele Conegliano in Caneda
the ghetto nr Venice. He was probably Mozart's most important librettist
and the exhibition at the Jewish Museum, Vienna is well-worth a visit.
Emanuele's father, Geremia, was a leather merchant and his mother was
Rachel PINCHERLE: see

This Toleranz Patent comes >from the Niederoesterreichisches Landesarchiv
in St Polten:

The Patent is accompanied in a display case with an enthusiastic pamphlet
from the 17-year old Benedict David ARNSTEIN. David was the grandson of
the Viennese banker Adam Isaac von ARNSTEIN and the nephew of the famous
Nathan ARNSTEIN; David was born in Vienna on Oct. 15 1765 -

The poem is lengthily entitled in "Einige judische Familienszenen bey
Erblickung des Patents uber die Freyheit, welche die Juden in den
kaiserlichen Staaten erhalten haben, von einem judischen Jungling Arenhof."

The teenager describes, in rhyme, the scenes of rejoicing in the households
of the ARNSTEIN and ESKELES families of Vienna - the Jews will now be free,
liberated and equal. However, in later years, he was to be disappointed.
Nothing much had changed in everyday life - except of course all the Jews
in the Habsburg Empire now had family names and in legislation they had
more rights and admittedly, an excellent education system.

This is the grave of the David Benedict in Wahring - a wonderful link to
Vienna in the the time of Mozart, da Ponte and the excitement surrounding
the enactment of the Toleranz Patent:

ARNSTEIN Benedict David, Benedict 83 yrs 06.01.1841
Wahringer Friedhof 4 707

I have no idea whether many more copies of the Toleranz Patent exist and,
if so, where they are located. I am pleased, at long last, to have seen
a copy of the famous document.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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