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Lifshitz-Krams Anne

De : Herbert Gursky <gurskyh@...>
Objet : French naturalization record
Can some one tell me how to obtain a 1922 French naturalization record.
What is the appropriate agency to whom to send it, how much will it
cost and what information is it likely to contain?
French naturalization records registered before 1930 are kept in National
Archives (CARAN). They are now unrestrainedly available for consultation
a general impairment. You can, by mail, if you know the date of the
decre ask for "une consultation de dossier par extrait" to :
CARAN, 11 rue des 4 fils, 75003, Paris, France (with an envelope for the

But you will have to come and see it by yourself (or ask somebody to do
for you). A one day pass in the CARAN is free, you will just have to pay
photocopies (2 francs a page).=20

The files are usually quite voluminous : a four pages questionnaire with
advice of the one who is in charge of the request, advices of the local
authorities of the place where he lives, inquiries among the
neighbourhood, birth and marriage certificates, rent receipts,
tax receipts, residence and occupation certificates.... You will
find a lot of informations about the parents, brothers and
sisters, children, wife and her parents... You will also find
about when he arrived in France, where he lived before... If there
has been more than
one request, you will find all these documents for different dates...
You may also find an investigation of the Commissariat aux affaires
Juives during WWII, or some requests formulated by the children some
years later. Some times you will find denunciation letters, or newspaper articles....
If he gave a request to change his name, this request will be joined
to the naturalisation request ( the same department have it in charge).

Anne Lifshitz-Krams
CGJ (Paris)

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