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Cindy Gallard <dg2286@...>

I am writing in reference to the recent posting >from Shirley Pencer re:
the Rothblatt vs Reinblatt entries in JGFF. Following is the response I
sent to her which I believe will explain the situation and, I hope dispel
any concern that false information is purposely being posted to JGFF.

"I read your recent posting to JewishGen and of course, realized you
were referring to me and our correspondence re: Joseph Reinblatt. I
believe that you have misunderstood my response. First, within my own
family there are at least 10 different spelling of our family name.
Because of this whenever I come across a name that might be another
variant of the spelling, I include it in my data base, just in case. I
did not arbitrarily make up the name Joseph Reinblatt, as I believe your
posting implied. Reference to a Joseph Reinblatt was found on LDS film
1550653/ Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society/1884-1952. He arrived in
Philadelphia aboard the SS Merion on Dec. 27, 1909. The entry stated
that he was born in 1878 in Russia and was a married man.

I apologize if I mislead you in my first response to your inquiry as I
was negligent in checking my data base before responding to you. I
should have known better than to have tried to rely upon my memory as I
have over 3000 people post in my computer. Please forgive me, I will try
to be more responsible in the future."
Sincerely, Cindy Gallard

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