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Just to round out the discussion of the meaning of tandeciarz, I did some
checking in 8-volume and 11-volume Polish dictionaries in our local
university library. A tandeciarz was a dealer who sold goods that were
cheap, either because they were secondhand and often worn out, or because
they were poorly made and of low quality. Karlowicz's 8-vol dictionary
from 1953 defines it as "someone who deals in cheap goods, buying up old
discards, buying and selling used items." It could also mean the store
where that business was conducted.

Some quotes >from Karlowicz:
"These weren't weapons bought >from some tandeciarz, but were clearly
inherited, passed >from father to son, family heirlooms."

"On both sides of Dluga Street there are fruit vendors, and tandeciarze
(plural), who here also sell old books and engravings."

On the other hand, three Polish-English dictionaries I checked did give
the definition of "dealer in used clothing" that others had mentioned, but
which doesn't really give the right idea - the tandeciarz sold more than
clothes, and cheap new things (junk) as well as used things. Iit may just
be that one Polish-English dictionary came up with that definition and
subsequent others just kept reprinting it.

Joe Armata

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