Re: posting names & JGFF & FTJP #general


I agree with Linda Rakoff - I find my information >from all different sources:
FTJP, JGFF and the messages with their lists of names. If I submitted all
the names I am researching (which in my case includes relatives of spouses) I
would be entering information for hours. There are about 6-10 names that I
concentrate on, and those are in JGFF; my tree is in FTJP. But many times I
go to the message archives as well - especially when some new infromation
pops up and I want to see who else is researching that information or those

Comments about JGFF and FTJP:
In JGFF the emails are not updated all the time (responsibility of the
researcher, I know) which can be very frustrating.
In FTJP, as Linda said, you don't know who you are contacting and it can
sometimes lead to duplicate contacts.

All of these resources are excellent - but need to be used in tandem. Please
don't stop people >from posting their surname lists.

Lynn Wertheim-DiMatteo
Staten Island, NY

WERTHEIM - New York >from about 1850's
WEISBERG & EBERSTARK >from Austria/Hungary

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