Vienna conversions microfilm #austria-czech

Vera Finberg <hjfinberg@...>

Henry Wellisch recently listed a number of new LDS films that included
Ubergetretene ( Films 1781112, 1781113, 1781114). I assume these are
converts >from Judaism not to Judaism. Film 1781112 is listed as having
1. Bezirk #758, 1903 - Sept. 1926. Does this just include District 1 postal
code or is this a wider legal area? My family lived in Wien V11,

Vera Finberg
Fairfax, VA

BONDY - Dolni Mesto/Lipnice, Vienna, FLUSS - Pribsylav & Polna, Czech Republic,
THIEBEN- Rousinov/Rakovnik, Czech Republic, KOHNER - Vseruby, Czech
Republic/Budapest/Vienna, STIEDRY - Golcuv Jenikov, Czech Republic,
SYNEK - Mlada Vozice, Czech Republic, ABELES - Luchovice, Czech Republic,
ROUBITCHEK - Stasov?, Czech Republic

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