ShtetLinks Report, January, 2000 #general

Chuck Weinstein <cweinstein@...>

No Y2K problem here! ShtetLinks has increased the number of shtetlach
up and listed, as well as reserved, to a breathtaking 467. Amongst our
updates and new pages this month are our new Suchostav Region Research
Group pages, listing some 14 shtetlach within a 25 mile radius of
Suchostav. They are still looking for people to work on the remaining
dozen or so places within that circle. Our very impressive Lodz site
continues to grow and expand. Pavlovich and Tuchin, Ukraine, and
Meretch and Ushpol, Lithuania are among other new sites added in
January. We continue to invite all who are interested in commemorating
their ancestral homes to contact us at and we
will do what we can.

As with all groups, we continue to be short on volunteer help. We can
use volunteer site checkers. These people check a site after the files
are uploaded to JewishGen and make sure links work and the pages are
ready for prime time. If you are interested, contact me.

See you at ShtetLinks!

Chuck Weinstein
JewishGen ShtetLinks Project Manager

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