Abraham Lincoln High School Jan. 1939 Yearbook #general

SN Janin <snjanin@...>

Dear JGenners:

I have a copy of the Landmark yearbook for Abraham
Lincoln High School, Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, New York
for the graduating class of January 1939. The
yearbook includes a photo of each of student, his/her
address, and usually his/her school activities. I
have typed up a list of all of the students in the
January 1939 class. Please let me know privately if
you would like a copy of the list e-mailed to you. If
you then find an individual you are interested in
please e-mail me again and I will send a scan of
his/her photo and listing in the yearbook. (Please
note that my scanner is on route to me >from overseas
so it may be 2 or 3 weeks before I can send the image
to you.)

Best regards,

Sally Novak Janin
Middlebury, Connecticut, USA

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