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The Kielce-Radom SIG is pleased to announce that the
thirteenth issue of its journal is now in the mail to
subscribers. If your subscription has lapsed, please
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The "Kielce-Radom SIG Journal" is an innovative research
publication containing articles applicable to Jewish history
and genealogy throughout the Kingdom of Poland (Russian Poland),
as well as data specific to towns within Kielce and Radom
gubernias. A list of towns in this region
can be found at:

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Contents of the forthcoming Volume IV, Number 1:

- Complete extracts of all Jewish births in the city of Kielce,
1868 to 1884, transcribed >from the Russian by Dolores Lee Ring.
This set of over 1,200 birth records encompasses all the Kielce
births microfilmed by the LDS. For each birth, our published data
contains: Year and document number, surname, given name, father's
name and age, mother's name (including maiden name) and age, and
city/village of birth.

- Complete extracts of all Jewish marriages in the town of Olkusz,
1851 to 1870. Extracted >from the Jewish civil register of Olkusz,
by Robert Heyman. For each marriage, includes the year, record
number, date of marriage, surname, given name(s) and ages of bride
and groom, city of birth/residence, and fathers' and mothers'
names. The Olkusz marriages include brides and grooms >from the
neighboring towns of Wolbrom, Pilica, Bedzin, Zarnowiec,
Dzialoszyce, Szczekociny, Kromolow, Wloszczowa, Zarki, etc.

- "The Jews in a Polish Private Town: The Case of Opatow in
the 18th Century" by Gershon David Hundert. Book Review by
Mark Froimowitz.

- Dzialoszyce Yizkor Book - Table of Contents and Necrology,
translated >from the Hebrew by David Goldman. This translation
from "Sefer yizkor shel kehilat Dzialoszyce ve-ha-seviva"
(Tel Aviv, 1973) includes the names of over 2,000 of Holocaust
victims, residents of Zaloshits.

- A Radom Memoir: "It Must Never Happen Again" by Henry Zagdanski.
A Radomer writes of his boyhood in Poland, and of a return trip
to Poland in the 1970's, including visits to Radom, Szydlowiec,
Ostrowiec, and other locations.

- "Pinkas HaKehillot - Polen", Volume VII - Lublin and Kielce
Districts. A brief review of this new volume of Yad Vashem's
"Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities", published in late 1999,
which encompasses the former gubernia of Kielce, Radom, Siedlce
and Lublin. This review includes an index of 106 former Kielce
and Radom gubernia towns.

- JRI-PL 1929 Business Directory Project, By Stanley Diamond.
This new database project will index the entire contents of a
1929 Polish Business Directory. Also, a "JRI-PL News Update",
with brief reports on the latest happenings in the Jewish Records
Indexing - Poland Project: New indices for our area which have
been added to the database; Polish State Archives project updates.

- Excerpts >from the Zwolen Yizkor Book, edited by Berl Kagan.
"The Quiet Times: Jews in Zwolen - The Years Before World War II".
Translated >from the Yiddish by Adah Fogel, >from "Zvoliner yisker-
bukh" (New York: New York Independent Zvoliner Benevolent Society,

- Complete extracts of all Jewish deaths in the town of Szydlow,
1854 to 1867, transcribed >from the Polish, by Warren Blatt.
"Shidluv" was a small town in Stopnica district, about halfway
between Staszow and Chmielnik. The extracts include year and
document number; surname, given name, and age of the deceased;
names of parents and surviving family members; and often the
place of birth.

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Warren Blatt
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