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Dear Austria-Czech SIG members,

I just wanted to let everyone know about some recent
updates to the Austria-Czech SIG web site. Links to
these updated pages can be found at .

- The Maps page has been expanded to include links to
a few sites that should help people in finding the
current Czech names or historical German names of
localities in Bohemia and Moravia.

- The Austria-Czech SIG's Page of Links has been
updated to include new sites and fix old and broken

- Several new family history web sites of
Austria-Czech SIG members have been added to the
"Austria-Czech SIG's Page of Family Links." To make
this page grow, please let me know if you have your
own site that you would like added.

If you have any web sites that you've found useful in
your Austrian or Czech research please send them to me
so I can include them on our SIG's Page of Links.
Thank you.

Alex Calzareth
Austria-Czech SIG Webmaster

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