Taube or Tillie(?) BOYARSKY #general


Does anyone have information on Taube BOYARSKY? She came to the U.S. in
1898 >from Grodno with her two daughters Braine and Hanne. Taube was fifty-
two years old at the time, and was coming to meet her husband. My
grandmother Eva BOYARSKY FREEDMAN traveled with them, along with her
brother Benjamin. My grandmother and her brother went to Boston, but I
don't know what happened to Taube and her family, or where they settled,
or the first name of Taube's husband. They were obviously related to my
grandmother and her brother, but I don't know the connection.

Sue Seales, North Carolina
researching: BOYARSKY, Mosty(?),Grodno FREEDMAN, Siluva,Lithuania

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