Jewish students at Heidelberg in 1893-97 #austria-czech

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I am urgently looking for: TABATSCHNI[C]K, TABACZNYK, TABACZNIK born
and resident in Raschkow, "Russia" in the late 1800s or in the 1900s,
specifically called Josef, who was probably born in about 1860. If
you have any links to this family name in Raschkow or Vienna, please
let me know asap. In Vienna in the 1920s, where a branch of the
family resided, the town is listed as in "Russland". When I googled
for it, I hit serendipitously upon this site:

It lists foreign? students at Heidelberg University - there are many
Jewish names. Please alter the year >from 1893-1897 inclusive and you
can see the students enrolled in different years. Enter town or
country names: Amerika, Holland, Galizien, Oesterreich, Posen,
Russland, Sachsen, Schlesien, Schweiz etc. Use an upper-case first
letter for your place and names search. I note Raschkow comes under
"Posen". The US and British students are interesting too and I suspect
some are Jewish.

If you look for Wien [please note that some may not be Jewish] you
will find:

ARNOT Robert 94; BLEIER Otto 93 94; COHN Paul 92 94; FANTO Emil 97
FRIEDMANN, Alexand. 91; FRITZ Siegmund 96; GEIRINGER Heinrich 93 95;
HEIDRICH Hugo 92; HERSCHMANN Paul Dr, 93 94; HERTZKA Lothar 92 95;
KOHN Alfred 97; LIEBEN Ernst 97 and Ernst v LIEBEN 95; MUHR Felix
94-95; NEURATH Friedrich 93; PAWECK Heinrich 92; SCHNELL Ludwig 94
95; SIMON Otto 96; REGENSDORFER Karl 94 96; SEIDEL Heinrich 92;
SOMMER Rudolf 94 96; ZETTEL Theodor 93

And >from Bohemia-Moravia

BAUM Friedrich 96 Pilsen; FISCHER Aron 96 Brunn; FISCHER Armin 95
Brunn - probably the same as Armin; FRENZEL Karl 97 Brunn;
FREUND Moritz 95 Pilsen; OSBORNE Wilhelm 93 Bohnitz, Bohmen
ZAAR Karl 95-96 Friedeck [Friedland].

The names at the end of each line must be the landlord of the
lodgings and the numbers after the student's names must be the dates
they were inscribed.

Theodor ZETTEL is on my family tree. He was the son of Julius ZETTEL
and Therese DUSCHNITZ [11 Feb 1849 Pressburg - Oct 12 1870 Vienna] -
and a second-cousin of my mother. Therese must have died in
childbirth - Julius then married her sister Hermine DUSCHNITZ and had
another son Paul ZETTEL. I believe the ZETTEL family settled in
England. Theodor would have been 23 when he went to Heidelberg.
I know nothing about him and this is my first major discovery!

I know other Siggers are interested in FANTO, GEIRINGER, NEURATH
FREUND etc, so hopefully they may find something of interest too.
And who could Wilhelm OSBORNE >from Bohnitz be?

Celia Male [U.K.]

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