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My name is Juerg Lindauer, Switzerland.
I'm searching for these people who emigrated to the USA.
Franz Lindauer
first postman in Ibach 1.7.1895
date of birth about 1876.

Josef Franz ALOIS Lindauer
date of birth 9.6.1892
married with Aschwanden
children perhaps two daugthers

and his sister
Maria Josefina ROSA Inderbitzin-Lindauer
date of birth 9.3.1894
maried with Inderbitzin.

Josef FRANZ Anton Lindauer
date of birth 15.4.1898
date of death 21.11.1924, unmarried in San Francisco

and his brother
Dominik Lindauer
date of birth about 1895.

Josef Anton CLEMENS Lindauer
date of birth 24.8.1884

and his brother
KARL Josef Lindauer
date of birth 21.9.1885.

All these people are >from Schwyz, Switzerland.
Thanks for all of your information.

Juerg Lindauer

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