Lifesaving genealogy -- seeking ALL relatives #general

Jim Yarin <yarin@...>

Seeking relatives between the ages of 18 and 60 of Barbara STONE, a native
of Newton, Massachusetts, who is in dire need to find a bone marrow match.
A simple blood test can confirm if someone can save Barbara >from her
Anyone can be tested, but relatives have a slightly better chance of
providing the perfect HLA match. See:

Barbara Stone comes >from a Boston family by the name of STONE. It is her
father's side of the family that doctors have determined has better
prospects for providing a perfect HLA match. The family name was originally
TZIRILSTEIN and they came >from Merkine (Meretz). Also related to:
MONTVILESHKY, who came >from Merkine or Druskanai. The STONE family of
Boston included several siblings: Elihu D. STONE and Luis STONE, Boston
Attorneys, Sidney and Aaron STONE, Boston Dentists, and Morris STONE, an
expert in Tuberculosis who founded or help found the Mt. Sinai Hospital.
The other brother was Yehuda (Julius), who was Barbara's grandfather. There
were two sisters, Florence KAPLAN and Sarah WAGMAN, also of Boston.

If you know of any relatives of these individuals, please send me an email,

Please see the website with additional family history and information about
Barbara at:

G-d bless you.

Jim Yarin
Somerville, MA

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