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Hello out there!

This is the first time I have contacted Belarus SIG.........

I am trying to backtrack my paternal grandparents and keep hitting dead
ends...I don't know if anybody can be of assistance. Unfortunately the
information I have is scant, but here goes point form which I
hope is not too confusing.

*My grandfather's name was Max Shilkin and he was >from Beshenkovichi
*He had two brothers, Morris and Jack.
*Max married Hannah Steinmann in Beshenkovichi ? date
*Jack came to Perth, Western Australia sometime in the early 1900s as a
sort of 'scout'
*Morris and Max followed, arriving in Fremantle, Western Australia on the
Scharnhorst (I think) on 6-3-1905. For some reason Max picked up the
name Michael or changed it along the way, but that is the name on the
passenger list, along with Morris.
*My grandmother Hannah arrived in Fremantle, on the Omrah on 2 August
1906 with one daughter Rebecca and two sons, Solomon and Roy (?)
*My father, Joshua, was born in Perth on 26 October 1910.
*Max died approx 1944 and was 73 or 74 years old.
*Hannah died many years prior to that

In Australia Shilkin is not a common name - we are all related and are all

I have discovered that the name Shilkin does not appear to be too uncommon
in Russia, and also that not all are Jewish, which surprised me. I have
contacted two Shilkin gentlemen, one >from Penza (south of Moscow) one >from
St Petersburg. Timofey >from StP said there are 187 Shilkins there, he is
related to only 3 - he doesn't appear to be related to us. We had quite
good dialogue until I asked if he had a Jewish background....I've heard
nothing further >from him! Eugeny >from Penza has very limited English but
from what I can understand it appears he MAY be related but I have yet to
confirm this as correspondence is slow and not always easy to decipher.

Any assistance or pointers, would be helpful and much appreciated.

Vivienne Shilkin, Melbourne, Australia

Also researching my mother's family.
ELEAZER SEGAL >from Zfat/Rumania (born approx 1890)
RACHEL ZELICOVITCH >from Palestine/Rumania (born early 1890s).

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