AustriaCzech members at IAJGS conference #austria-czech

Harvey Finberg <hjfinberg@...>

Conference attendees have already heard that the SIG meeting is
scheduled for 8 AM on Wednesday. I hope we can get a report on the
status of the SIG, it's treasury (both for maintenance of the Web
page and for Research) and how many moderators we have/need as well
as co-ordinators. I do want to thank Sharla Levine who has been the
co-ordinator and a moderator for the entire time the SIG has existed,
first sharing duties with Randy and then alone?? I hope that we can
recruit new moderators, and co-ordinators who can revitalize the SIG.

If anyone SIG member attending the conference is interested in trying
to get together for an evening coffee or a casual dinner in a small
group, please write me. Also check the conference bulletin boards
for any possible SIG messages.

Vera Finberg
Fairfax, VA

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