Searching for any Information on KINNEAR, Probably in Vancouver, B.C., Canada #general

Ricki L. Zunk <rickiz@...>

Just found some new information:

Two years ago, I found some of my father's paternal family line living
in Brussels, Belgium. The "family elder" just recently went through
some old papers he rediscovered, and located a name and address in
Vancouver. I have little information about this person, but I know
that I do need more information >from anyone in the Vancouver who might
have known them. I have no date on the address list where I found
their names and address, so I don't know how old that information is.

Elfriede "Elfi" KINNEAR
(house # deleated)Hasel Street
South Burnaby B.C.
Vancouver, Canada

This is exactly how it's written on the page, and that's all that was
found in the address book.

I DO have a little more information about Elfi:

b: Mar. 15, 1920, Vienna, b: ? , Canada
m: 1945, probably in Vienna, but not sure

Elfi's parents were Markus & Gisella Ochs RENDELSTEIN. Markus and
Gisella were both >from Tarnopol, Galicia (now Ukraine). Markus was a
physicist and chemical engineer. Besides Elfi, they had one other
child - a daughter named Roma. Roma was handicapped (don't know what
kind of disability it was). Markus, Gisella, and Roma were last known
to be alive in 1938 when they were "deported" to a concentration camp
- never to be heard >from again.

We know that Mr. Kinnear was in the Canadian Armed Forces in WWII, as
we have a photo of him in uniform. We know he was Canadian, but
that's all we know of him.

Does anyone recognize these names, address, or anything about these
people? If so, please contact me privately,
as there is no need to burden the entire list with this information.
I can use all of the assistance anyone can and will render.

Thank you, in advance,

(Mrs.) Ricki Randall Zunk
Kendall, FL, USA

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