Re: SSDI Updated - Clues to Finding Your Belarus Shtetl #belarus

Hilary Henkin <propper@...>

Dear group,
I recently posted a reply and addendum to a message by David Fox, regarding one of
the online SSDI's. Thinking his post would be fresh in everyone's mind, and trying
to minimize bandwidth, I neglected to quote him or to re-mention the URL to which he

Several fellow researchers have since asked me to repeat the URL. Here it is, with
its accompanying information. I'd like to remind everyone though, that "Discussion
Group Archives" exist for this SIG, as well as for the others. Like the main D.G.
Archives, it will have every posting ever made to this group, with a time delay of a
few days. If you missed a posting, lost a posting, can't quite remember the exact
details of a posting, or the email address of a past writer, the various D.G.
Archives are a great resource.

from David Fox:
The on line version of the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) has recently been
updated through March 2000. It appears that this site is updated each month. The
URL to use this index is:

The index allows you to search for a surname using either the exact spelling,
soundex, or metaphone (am not sure what this is). You can also search by social
security number and a number of advanced search options. The results of a search
will provide:

Name (surname and first name)
Birth Date
Death Date (in some cases only month and year)
Last Residence (ZIP Code, city, county, state)
Last Benefit (Zip Code, city, county, state, where last benefit checks were sent)
SSN (social security number)
Issued (state where SSN was issued)

There is also a button to click on that will automatically produce a letter to the
Social Security Administration in Baltimore, Maryland, request an SS-5 Form
(Application for Social Security card). The Social Security Administration charges
$7.00 for each form provided.

Some of the information included on the application for a social security card

Signature of the applicant
Applicants address at time of application
Name and address of employer
Place of birth
Names of parents

With the information obtained >from the data on the web search and the SS-5, you may
get clues which will enable you to search obits, marriage records, birth and death
records, etc. Sometime these records include the place of birth and this may give
you the name of your family shtetl if other research efforts have not been

For more information about the SSDI please see

Good Luck,
David Fox

I added that this SSDI permits the use of virtual "post-ems", which you can attach
to any individual record. I reiterated that their search engine enables you to
search by many other factors besides given name, surname, and state. The SSDI can
also be reached >from their homepage:

Hilary Henkin
Atlanta, Georgia
Searching A. SCHREIBER (or his descendants) who lived in Brooklyn in 1929. His
parents were in Harbin, China.

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