Kudos to Yale Reisner #general


I would like to publicly thank Yale Reisner, Director, Ronald S. Lauder
Foundation in Warsaw for his extraordinary help. A friend, who is a
Holocaust Survivor >from Poland, will be traveling to his shtetl in May.
Since he is not on line, he asked me if I could help him obtain
information about the mass killing site, which took place in an adjacent
town on March 9, 1942.

I posted Yale Reisner, with a cc to Stanley Diamond. Yale and Stanley
both suggested that Jan Jagielski of the Jewish Historical Institute's
Documentation Department in Warsaw might be able to help.

Yale consulted with Jan and the result was a very detailed report about
both towns, exact directions to two mass killing sites and information
about the cemetery, the synagogue and information on two surnames, from
the 1929 Polish Business Directory. The information furnished by Yale
will make a survivor's trip back even more meaningful that it otherwise
would be. My friend is invited to visit the Institute, which he plans
to do.

My sincere thanks to Yale Reisner, Stanley Diamond and Jan Jagielski. A
contribution was made to the New York affiliate of the Lauder Foundation
in appreciation.

Marilyn Newman
Pittsburgh, PA
GELER - Lithuania, EBER - Lithuania,
GREENBERG - Romania, KNOPFLER - Romania

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