Naturalization papers #general


I am a bit confused as to the procedure for obtaining Naturalization
Papers. I found two good possibilities for my grandfather, Harry HIRSCH,
in the index for Declarations of Intent (1914-1927) at the FHC. On each
of the two cards, there is a volume number and page number. Am I correct
in thinking I have to write to the county courthouse, which in this case
was in the Bronx? If so, is there a listing anywhere that would point me
to the correct courthouse?
Thanks for any help on this.

Meryl Persky
KETCHMAN, Ukr.; HIRSCH, Grebow, Pol.
LEDER, Ryglice, Galicia; TEPPER, Galicia
KELLNER, Ostropol, Russia; COHEN, Ostropol, Russia
SCHIER, Grybow, Pol.

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