Re: Tombstone Inscription Questions #general


The Hebrew tombstone inscription may have some information that will be
useful to you, usually the date of death in the Jewish calendar and the
decease'd father's first name.

The following web-page >from the Cemetery Project provides some help in
translating tombstones.

It is not unusual at all to find conflicting birth dates or ages,
especially for persons born in the 19th century when civil record keeping
was spotty, and more especially for Eastern European births where
survival often meant concealing the truth >from the tax man and the army.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

Win wrote:

I just visited grandpa, Abraham KRONE, who died in 1918, in the cemetery
for the first time. As I'm new to genealogy, I have a couple of

1. How important is the Hebrew inscription? Is it usually the same as
the English? How can I get it translated?
2. While his death Certificate indicates that he died at age 45, the
tombstone states that he died at age 48. What do you think of that? I
don't have any verification of his birth date.

Thanks, Win Segal

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