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I am a bit confused as to the procedure for obtaining Naturalization
Papers. I found two good possibilities for my grandfather, Harry HIRSCH,
in the index for Declarations of Intent (1914-1927) at the FHC. On each
of the two cards, there is a volume number and page number. Am I correct
in thinking I have to write to the county courthouse, which in this case
was in the Bronx? If so, is there a listing anywhere that would point me
to the correct courthouse?
Thanks for any help on this.
I'm at the same stage as you in this process, but one step further along.
My family was in Manhattan at about the same time as yours was in the
Bronx. The LDS library had filmed both the index cards and the actual
documents. Using the volume number and what I think of as an "index
number" but what can be a page number just as easily, I located a film
that covered that volume and a range of "index numbers: that matched the
one I had gotten off the card. Go and check the online catalog and see if
you have the same luck I had. I used the same process to find the
document film that I had used to locate the index.

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