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Can you help?

I am a novice member of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain.

I am directly descended >from Marcus Norden, 1820 English Settler in S.
Africa (brother of the better known Benjamin and Joshua Davis). I have
a good deal of information about the "line" between Marcus and me and
quite a lot concerning his brothers and sisters and their descendants.
Currently I am trying to find out more about their parents, Abraham and
Abigail Norden. They died in Hammersmith, West London in 1840 and 1841
aged 82 and 78 respectively. So far I have had no luck finding
information concerning their marriage or births - nor do I have
Abigail's family name. It has recently been suggested to me by an
experienced JGSGB member that they could well have emigrated from
Holland to England and that in fact these records might be Dutch.

I have pasted below my notes on them.

Best wishes,

Hazel Dakers

Died in King Street Hammersmith, West London and Abraham was a broker.
Present at Abraham's death was Julia Norden whose grave (Julia
Hamilton-Parker sister of Benjamin Norden) Paul Cheifitz identified in
Cape Town 1999. I have certificates on several other Nordens too of the
same epoch.

A list of insurance records provided to HD by George Rigal (JGSGB) lists
an Abraham Norden , slopseller (human urine or old clothes > sloppy) ,
24.4.1793 at 62 Upper East Smithfield and 1.3.1820 at 70 Upper East
Smithfield. Pigots Commerical Directory 1826-7 lists the following slop
sellers in Upper east Smithfield: Hartt & Cohen (20), Jas. Krik (97),
Harris Lazarus (112), Hy. Moses (100), Jacob Moses (35), Nathaniel
Nathan (87) and Wm Selby (53).

Nash, The Settler's Handbook refers to Abraham's rejection by the
British Government when he gathered a party of prospective settlers. He
is referred to at that time as coming >from Smithfield ie the City of
London. Eldest son Marcus was born there death notice).

According to Pigot and Co's London Commercial Directory 1838 and 1839 ,
Abraham Norden was a furniture broker at 13 Angel Terrace, Hammersmith.
This was the section of King Street going westwards >from the Angel
public house on the South side. At some stage it was known as Angel Row,
and for a period part was called Angel Row and the other part Angel
Terrace. The name was abolished on 6th June 1862 after which King Street
was re-numbered, absorbing Angel terrace. An 1860 map shows Angel
Terrace clearly. A pre-1862 edition of Kelly's Post Office Directory
indicates that no 13 Angel Terrace was the penultimate house going West
between Bridge Avenue and Downe Place. A post-1862 edition of Kellys
numbers this building 119 King Street. There is a post-World War II
building on the site.

Abraham is not listed in the 1821 Heads of Houselhold Census and the
1822 rates book does not appear to list Abraham Norden in Angel Terrace.
He is listed >from 1823-8 in the rates books.The 1831 Heads of Household
Census lists Abraham and the 1841 lists Julia, 30 years born in this
country, as Head.

When he moved to Hammersmith he went up in the world, as a furniture
broker. Could this have been as a result of his sons' success in the
Cape? Was he the agent exporting goods for sales in their shops and
auctioneers businesses? Records in the Cape Archives, it has been
suggested, may be able to confirm this supposition.

Could Jacob and Esther Norden of London be related?
Pigots 1826-7 includes: Thomas Norden, painter (col.566) 15 New Compton
Street, Soho and Mark Nordon, bookseller (col. 92), 132, Long Acre.
Pigots 1839 lists: Jacob Norden, glass and china dealer S. Chelsea
Market; Joseph Norden, fancy glass cutter, 4 Whitelion Street, Chelsea;
Richard Norden, White Lion (PH), 6, Brick Lane, Old Street and Jacob
Nordon, bedstaead maker, 5 Little Charlotte Street.

HD has death certificate for various Nordens contemporary with Abraham
and Abigail. George Rigal's list (JGSGB) includes some of these, some
mentioned in Pigots and some others in London.

Hazel Dakers,
Middx , UK

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